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Rescue Me

[whitespace] Philosophy Rx

By Diana Rupp

You're convinced that your skin has a mind of its own and it's out to get you. When you look in the mirror, all you see is imperfection, and it's doing serious injury to your self-esteem. Don't panic, because help is on the way.

Philosophy's Rescue Mission ($18) is the 911 for problem skin. This deep-cleansing mask's main ingredient is kaolin, which draws away oils and soothes the pain of angry flare-ups. The product also has the calming influence of aromatherapy, with pure essences of eucalyptus, orange, jasmine, clove and rose.

Prevent future beauty emergencies by stocking your medicine cabinet with a couple of Philosophy's daily-skin-care products. On A Clear Day ($15), a facial wash prescribed for blemished skin, similarly relieves irritation and contains colloidal sulfur, a natural antiseptic.

Follow up with Out of Control ($20), an innovative, oil-absorbing facial gel formulated with glycolic acid to reduce buildup and midday shine.

Philosophy is available at some Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Or telephone 800/LOVE-151 for a catalog.

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From the April 20-May 3, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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