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Job Interview

[whitespace] Andy Scholz
Elana Koff

Funny Money Man

He's 23 years old, and as a staff accountant for Ernst & Young, Andy Scholz is an official member of the white-collar work force, a reality he admits grudgingly, because beneath the squeaky-clean exterior lurks a skanky, beer-swilling, girl-boning musician just trying to break free. Associate editor David Boyer caught up with Andy in front of the Bank of America building while the CPA was waiting for a ride home. And got an earful of one businessman's blues.

David: What is your job?

Andy: I'm a CPA. I do tax work and audits for corporate America--high tech, some insurance.

David: Do you like it?

Andy: It's OK.

David: How did you start?

Andy: I was recruited from UCLA. I knew I had this job a year before I graduated. I took business classes and somehow wanted to combine business and music, but so far I'm keeping music as a hobby.

David: How long have you been doing it?

Andy: About a year.

David: What's the most common error you find in people's taxes?

Andy: They're just not familiar with the tax law, and they have a lot of general questions.

David: If you weren't doing this, what might you be doing?

Andy: Playing guitar in a band, a punk-rock band. I'd be playing '80s early punk rock like Black Flag from L.A., or Minor Threat from Washington, D.C.

David: Do you hang out with other CPAs or people that you work with?

Andy: Not many. For the most part we have different interests outside of the workplace.

David: What would be the name of your band?

Andy: I don't know. I used to be in a band in San Diego, a punk-rock band called DagNabbit. Right now, I don't know. There's a couple of bands around here that have cool names, like the Burdens or the Randoms. But I have been pretty removed for the past year, so I haven't gone through thinking up a whole list of names. ... By the way, if you know anyone in a punk-rock band that needs a guitarist, let me know.

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From the April 20-May 3, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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