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Keyword: Bitch

By Katy Bell

This week's topic is a much-too-brief sampling of the glut of bitch sites in cyberspace. Searching for the female dog in all of us, Google.com found 140,999 sites in 0.23 seconds:


Straight from Howard Stern and The View, this guy's gunning for fame as the world's most famous done-wrong. The story is that he was having a long and oft-denied affair with his secretary. When his girl got cold confirmation, she went nuts in his apartment to the tune of $50,000. Now he's got a logo, a website that's received 30,000 hits in six weeks, and a poll putting up the fate of his ex to the web public. That's right, you can cast your vote for jail time, a fine or full pardon, plus buy a T-shirt for your favorite misogynist.


A sleek Euro site replete with mod and rare furniture offerings. Its categories include desks and dining sets, lamps and seating. There are also nice pictures of furniture from the '50s through the '80s made in Germany, Italy, France and Denmark with minimalist leanings and an odd (and copious) amount of teak wood. While much of the stock is marked SOLD, the site claims to frequently receive new merchandise. Some examples: a reconditioned, German-made Bauknecht refrigerator from the '50s lists at £750, and a fab '70s Jan lounger that looks like a question mark covered in chocolate velour is yours for only £650.


Home of the Misanthropic Bitch! Brilliant, evil bastard stepchild of the sharp-tongued Dr. Laura Schlessinger, this New Jersey mystery chick keeps the door open and the business down on her site. She is a self-proclaimed misanthropy recycler who writes on every hot topic, though her favorites seem to be women- and child-related problems--that is, child beauty pageants, child porn, child-bearing, public breast feeding, along with domestic violence. A telling quote culled from her brief biography: "Nothing can make one a misogynist faster than being born a woman."

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From the April 17, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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