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[whitespace] Visual Ap-peel: Deviant Liquid Latex is usable for constuming, clubbing and slick tête-à-têtes.

Deviant Behavior

Liquid Latex--fashion that sticks to your ribs

By Alyssa Nitchun

Deviant Liquid Latex, fashion's sleekest new trend, combines conspicuous consumption with innovative style and a steamy dose of sex appeal.

No longer just for kinky closed-door playtime, Liquid Latex is a provocative, versatile and affordable new wardrobe addition. When applied to the skin, the gooey substance hardens into a rubbery, sheath-like mold of the body's contours. It's not reusable, but three or four coats will last all the way through a virtual dotcom board meeting and into the sweaty night. The product provides an ironic take on personal touch and deconstruction, two regurgitated norms in today's not-yet-over-the-millennial-hump fashion scene. It's like an Easy Bake Oven (remember My First Oven?) for the fashion set.

Co-creators Jerry and Yana are responsible for bringing this erstwhile lewdfest out of the bedroom and onto the runway. The genesis of Deviant Liquid Latex dates back to Jerry's first trip to London, where rubber was being used for much more than tires. He fell in love with the city's neoprene scene, which at the time was fronted by rubber royalty Skin Two (style lovechild of Federico Fellini and William Gibson shacking up in Tokyo 500 years in the future). Upon Jerry's return to San Francisco, he and Yana began designing with neoprene (an oil-resistant synthetic rubber) and created the hyper-sexy Rubberwear line, which featured stunning custom fetish belts, vests and jewelry.

The pair noticed that all the versions of liquid were about flash gratification--the latex always peeled off before you did. But after some mad-scientist experiments, a more durable rendition emerged, usable for costuming and clubbing, as well as slick tête-à-têtes.

Today Deviant Liquid Latex is an exponentially expanding success. Jerry and Yana frequently travel for in-store demonstrations, networking, photo shoots, live club shows and TV interviews. Their services are also in demand for costuming on movie sets, swingers clubs and adult-industry functions. Plus they've appeared on KPIX's Evening Magazine and The Howard Stern Show. And they're expanding distribution into Japan, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Italy.

The disposable haute couture is available in all shades of the rainbow and starter kits cost $32.95. The fashion possibilities don't stop with Deviant Liquid Latex. Deviant Slick, a silicone-based polish, creates a sleek, shiny surface when applied to latex. And Deviant Stardust, a pearlescent cosmetic powder, comes in all shades and leaves latex as well as skin with an opalescent sheen.

Soon to become Deviant are Body Twister and Bondage Tape. Body Twister resembles its namesake floor game, except the dots are on the body not the mat. Bondage Tape is manufactured in wide, colorful, static-resistant strips.

First-prize winners in the "what will they think of next?" category, Deviant Liquid Latex will attempt to outlive its trendiness. While its staying power remains to be seen, at the moment Deviant Liquid Latex is bad as you wanna be.

Deviant Liquid Latex can be found in San Francisco at Stormy Leather and Leather Etc. It can also be ordered online at www.LiquidLatex.net or call 1.888.DEVIANT. The website also features work-of-art Deviant Liquid Latex design ideas. Or if you're in search of desirable rubberwear to bolster wardrobe and confidence, Jerry and Yanna's line is available at www.Rubberwear.com.

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From the April 17, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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