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[whitespace] Mission Accomplished?

The man, the plan, the 'Harm-A-Lator"

By Harmon Leon

The next war will not be fought--it will be played! At least that's the premise of the movie Rollerball, a barbaric, futuristic version of roller derby. In the flick, Jonathan E. skates in a fiery, bloody roller-battle to the death as the frenzied crowd screams, "Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan!"

Though less violent, roller derby is a fast-paced, pushing-throwing-hitting game on wheels. After peaking in the '70s, the legendary Bay City Bombers were not only back, but also recruiting new skaters.

My Goal: To train one week with the Bay City Bombers. Posing as a young recruit trying to make the cut, I'll breathe the world which is roller derby!

Skating Handle: The Harm-A-Lator!

With dreadlocks and cocky disposition, I represent the new era of roller derby. Rejecting the flash of Rollerblades, I'll keep true to the heart of the game.

(The next Bombers match, versus the Mid West Royal Rollers, is to be held in San Jose on Nov. 6. Call the Bombers hotline at 408.292.7783 for further information. Tickets range from $7 to $15.)

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From the October 11, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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