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Tara on Minnows and Lichens

Sagacious Tara!
The vicissitudes of life at the end of the second Christian millennium abrade my heart. As a lover of Gaia, it pains me to see the myriad wounds we inflict on our Mother's body. In this toxic, eco-phobic culture, we are all complicit in biocide every time we flush the toilet or buy a consumer good. The knowledge that just by living in this society I am contributing to the death of She who gave me life is unbearable. It is I who killed the dodo and the auk.
Respectfully, DJ Muggs, Cypress Hill

Dear Muggs,
Thank you so much for the sensitivity you reveal in your very moving letter. I find it heartening to know that not ALL of those who have made it to the heights of wealth and celebrity have lost their connection to minnows and lichen!

As to what we all can do to reverse the tide of environmental destruction, I wish I knew. Getting the word out is certainly important, and this seems like a project with your name written all over it. How about using the popularity you and other rappers have so deservedly won to promote Green awareness? I'm picturing an album with you, Ghost-Face Killa and Dre, wherein the three of you tackle crucial ecological issues.

Be creative: try working recipes for healthful, vegan dishes into your lyrics. Many phrases rhyme nicely with "organic gardening," but I'm sure the genius behind "Funk Freakers" needs no advice from me!
Endless love from TTTTara (the extra Ts are for extra trees!)

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From the December 7-20, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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